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Time is moving on.Yes,time is moving on quite rapidly.In fact,it is moving on so rapidly,we often wonder what the heck happened to yesterday,last week,last month and last year.The instant a day appears,it’s already gone.Each day is a precious day of our lives and we should do our best to enjoy it so that regret won’t haunt us as we get on with our lives. Let’s care for our loved ones,our friends,our colleagues and even our enemies. Let’s help, respect and love each other.Above all let’s be merry and laugh our hearts out.Let’s look at life as a comedy not a tragedy.Let’s do our best every single hour of every single day so that we can at least say, « We did our best! »And,if we can say that then the rapidity through which the days of our dear lives are speeding along will no longer make us wonder.