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As a salesman you’re weaker than your customers.The idea is to consider what interests them rather than what interests you.It’s not about you but about them.Whatever the attitude they adopt toward you,it is wise to remain calm,understanding and obliging.You must be patient and an excellent listener.If what they say or do seems outreagous,plain stupid or bombastic, who are you to oppose them? On the contrary,you must acquiesce and go with the flow.This is called tact.You’re there to sell not argue.You’re there to be agreable and as flexible as a reed in face of the fiercest gale.You must do your utmost to make your customers feel important,valued and respected.A word of caution here:Be authentic, true and straightforward.Don’t try to fake it.Don’t ever try to fake it.Human beings are so powerful, they’ll instantly feel whether you’re being true or false in your dealing with themt.This is called the sixth sense or the mighty power of intuition.Always bear in mind Emerson’s admonition,  »What you are speaks so loud,I cannot hear what you are saying. »