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It is impossible for one to achieve success, well-being and greatness through insincerity, manipulation, deceit, trickery and malice. One is intelligent if one gets what one needs without violating other people’s rights. Education stems from within not without. One gets it through positive thoughts, struggle, determination and persistence. It is therefore one’s duty to remove that hideous, threatening and invisible mountain that stands in one’s way. And, what exactly is this mountain one may ask? It is the misleading belief that one can outsmart others. It is the erroneous belief that others don’t want us to be successful and happy. It is also the false belief that one has been tricked unless one receives material compensation for a work one has performed. There is no doubt that if one renders service without expecting compensation one has made a huge step towards being great. Humanity and the Universe will show their appreciation silently and profusely in due time. One should always bear in mind that one’s goodness will always bear fruit while one’s most pain-inflicting beliefs are one’s self-limiting beliefs. Throughout the ages, it’s been said that doubters, manipulators and deceivers are not builders.