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How strange!

Great minds say little while small minds are like chatterboxes. The great accept life as it comes and make the best of every situation no matter how arduous, precarious or even dangerous. The small complain about everything, criticize, judge and condemn everything all...

The voice

Whenever you hear a voice from within, ask yourself this question: ‘‘who is talking right now? My ego or my spirit? If it’s the ego, gently ignore it. And, if it’s the spirit, rejoice and follow it instantly.

What ego says

Be discontented with everything. Always be unhappy with whatever is facing you. Yes, never be satisfied! And, if you are in a garden full of flowers and in which there is only a single weed, this is what you should do: disregard the flowers and concentrate on the...

In and out!

What day is this?It is not just any simple day,is it?It is « today » and it is mighty powerful,mind you!And,since life is ‘now’,be happy,contented and blissfull. Make the best of « now » because that’s all you really got.Yesterday has gone and...


What we fear doing is usually what we need to do.Let’s therefore resolve to do every day at least one of the things we fear doing.