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‘Who are you, baby? Where do you come from? Why am I so blissfully happy in your arms? Are you my true soul mate? Are you that other part of me I’ve been seeking for so long? Are you my well-being? Are you my spirit…my intangible but almighty master?’ As I look at the ceiling, I repeat your questions in my mind, trying to figure out some answers. But, you impatiently ask the same questions again in the same order but with a little more insistence. As much as I tried I found no answers. None at all. You then become really impatient, passionate and eager to know what’s in my mind. You shake me gently and ask the same questions again in the same order but with strange tears in your eyes this time…as if you thought I didn’t really love you since I gave you no answer. Oh, how you melted my heart with those tears! Oh, how the caressing warmth of your wet eyes lovingly touched my soul! Then only then and as if a volcano erupted, my words rushed out, ‘Your heart and mine are one. Your soul and mine are one. What I’m feeling right now with you in my arms is the true meaning of life, of love and of God. Where will I go, what will I do and what will I be without this heaven you’re offering me? Without you I haven’t got a dime even though they call me a billionaire .Without you I’m powerless even though they call me a king of kings. Without you even nature and its wonders will fail to soothe my heart.The tears I see in your eyes are the promise of the eternal bliss awaiting me…awaiting us. Hold my hand and let’s go get it, baby.’