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As a human being, you possess two forms of control.The first which is powerful and liberating is self-control meaning your own control. A control that belongs to you. It’s personal and very empowering. The second form of power is outside control meaning the control of outside circumstances over you. It belongs to other people, things or events. It’s not at all personal. On the contrary, it belongs to everything and everyone around you. By accepting this kind of control, you relinquish all your power and become like a puppet at the mercy of outside circumstances, events and people. This is debilitating, enervating and devitalizing. You’re therefore on your way to becoming something like a ship with no helm. You easily let yourself go and succumb to sarcasm, criticism, blame and insults. You’re simply at the mercy of outside circumstances over which you have no control whatsoever. The difference between the two controls is like choosing life over death. You insult me and I choose not to reciprocate. I keep my bearings and I stay calm thinking the insult is not mine but yours. Why should I therefore make it mine by reciprocating? Indeed, I can never control what you say or do but I can certainly control the way I will respond. This is powerful…this is true self-control. On the other hand, if I succumb and reciprocate, I instantly lose my personal power and kneel before yours. In this weird situation, I actually become your slave since I’ve let myself be influenced by your negative behavior. This is shaming, vulnerable and weak-minded.This is outside control likely to weaken my dignity not self-control likely to strengthen my self-confidence. How on earth can I control what’s around me if I can’t even control what’s within me?