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A worthy objective cannot be attained without a fervent desire propelling it onwards. A strong will is always present when the objective is worthwhile and serves humanity and the Universe. A meaningless, purposeless life accomplishes nothing since its energies are dormant and therefore wasted. But, the instant there is a healthy, nourishing and valuable purpose to be attained, the will awakens from its slumber and accomplishes miracles. It is always driven by deeds likely to serve and enrich others. As they say where there is a will there is a way. Yes, a positive objective is necessary to awaken and activate the will. The invisible forces of life will therefore open doors for you and help you along a path that will most certainly be arduous. Indeed, the nobler the objective the harder the task. Worthy objectives are always hard to achieve and you need to fight with all your might if you want them to yield and honor your efforts. There is nothing for nothing and trying to get without giving leads to failure and mayhem. If, however, your objective is negative and destructive, the path that leads to its attainment will seems easy and unencumbered. As strange as it may seem, negative things are always easy to accomplish. It’s like the Devil himself is paving the way toward doom and gloom which will sooner or later appear. It’s been said that objectives are the fuel that drives your car. It’s been also said that without the will to start your car’s engine nothing will ever be accomplished. And your will  awakens and activates its mighty power only if your objective is strong and alluring enough whether positive or negative…And, I pray the Lord that your objectives will always be positive, enriching, empowering and illuminating.