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Being responsible for one’s choices is the first step towards success. It’s hard to imagine one complaining about a job one deliberately chose. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine one doing such a job slovenly, indolently and grudgingly. What a shame! What a waste of energy! No doubt, if one did one’s job in such a way one would become negative in the long run and would never experience true success. Why is this? The answer is simple: How you do one thing, you do everything. If you did your job in a mediocre way, you’d automatically feed your heart with mediocrity.You’d therefore tend to become mediocrity itself. On the other hand, if you did your job with excellence you’d feed your heart with excellence.And, you’d therefore tend to become excellence itself. It sounds simple, you may say. But, putting this into practice is actually another kettle of fish. In all cases, if you do something well, always try to do it better.