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To tell lies here is to tell lies there even if it were done unconsciously.In fact,especially if done unconsciously.Consider : You call an associate with whom you have an issue and you get no answer.You call again and again and still no answer.You feel kind of frustrated.Alright,you tell yoursef,the guy must be awfully busy.You do the same thing again and again the same day.You get the same cold treatment.Now,you start feeling rejected and doubt start building up within you.Alright,you tell yoursel,I will try again in a while.A couple of hours later,you call again and again…and again.And,lo and behold,the guy answers.Finally!!!This is the hurried and almost cold answer you get,  »I am extremely busy right now.Let me call you back in a few minutes. » You therefore wait for the call.A few minutes become an hour which become two,three hours.The whole day goes by and no call.So,what happens: The guy is neither reliable nor trustworthy.Erase the guy’s name and number not only from your phone but also from your memory.By doing so, you save yourself from further anguish,worry and distress.Furthermore,you save yourself from a negative and even dangerous company.Case dismissed.