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It’s been more than a year since I took a flight.I must admit I miss planes,travellers,and all the hustle and bustle of airports around the world.Confined and distanced not only from friends and family but also from people at large,I decided it was best to work from home.It worked extremely well.I also decided to heat healthier and do some physical exercices while indoors.It also worked wonders.Finally,I told myself why not try meditation and even mindfulness.Guess what?After just a few months,I’m discovering my true self.I entered that divine path that leads to my center,to my other self,to that exquisite inner bliss that has been waiting for me for so long.Where the heck was I being constantly pushed hither and thither by our ever tumultuous outside world. »In every difficulty, there lies a golden victory.Go get it! » Said and old seer,long ago.I obeyed or should I say I was forced to obey and well-being,bliss,and love are now mine.You got to be a fool to let them escape my inner voice suggested. »Never, »I answered,as quick as a flash, « I’m not a fool,thanks heaven! »