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Great minds say little while small minds are like chatterboxes. The great accept life as it comes and make the best of every situation no matter how arduous, precarious or even dangerous. The small complain about everything, criticize, judge and condemn everything all day long. Those whose attitude is positive tend to enrich humanity and never consider themselves as great though they truly are. Those whose attitude is negative impoverish humanity and always think of themselves as great though they’re not and may never be. How strange! The gifted keep a low profile as if their brilliance may be a burden and may likely disturb others while the superficial and shameless overestimate themselves and declare high and loud how brilliant and mighty they are.Lo and behold, such people are a terrible weight on society’s shoulders…perhaps even a menace. It’s been said long ago that humanity will always be in danger when those who never learnt to obey seize power.