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Problems? Problems? What are they actually? Do I have them because someone out there hates me? Do I have them because adverse circumstances are suffocating me? Do I have them because the whole world is mean, selfish and violent? The answer is yes. I have them because they’re all jealous and envious of me. I have them because they know I’ll soar to the heights if they stopped bothering and harassing me. Why, oh, why are they all against me? I want to be successful, rich and famous at all costs. I want to grab my share of the universal cake come what may. The reason I’m not moving ahead is crystal clear: Everyone and everything is against me. They’re all plotting against me and devising ways to stop me from making progress in my life. All my problems are their making. They insist on my reaching the end of my rope and commit suicide if need be. Poor me! Poor little me against the whole world’s meanness, stinginess and viciousness. But, wait a minute! My inner voice is saying something to me right now. Quiet, please! Let me concentrate and listen to it: ‘’the instant ‘I’ and ‘Me’ disappear all that is left is tranquility,truth and love.The only problem you have is yourself. Solve it and stop bothering the world at large.’’