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I am the other one. I’m the one that matters. The one without whom you can’t even survive. I’m the positive entity while poor you are the negative one. I’m the power, the everywhere and nowhere at the same time, the elusive and imperceptible, the invisible and yet visible at times. I’m what really counts. But, poor you are the weakness, the stationary, the ordinary, the constantly visible and easy to locate, the simply there, the yond. You simply are what doesn’t  count. I am what you can’t even see, touch, smell or hear. You are all that is mediocre and at times even abject. Oh, how I wish I could even pity you! But,I can’t.Pitying you would amount to giving you strength and energy which would make you even fiercer in your diabolical attitude toward humanity. You and I are so different you may never even have an idea of the beauty of my realm, the ecstasy in which I’m enveloped, the everlasting sweet dream that inhabits my nights. I’m here, there, everywhere. I’m the answer to any of your where, why, how and when. I’m from over there, I’m the breath that goes in and out of you. I’m the mighty beyond, the Spirit, my poor, despicable and troublesome little ego. Oh, how I wish I could at least pity you!