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People who succeed in life are those who rise early in the morning and do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not. However,those who don’t succeed are those who refuse to rise early to do what they must do simply because they don’t feel like it.Now,it’s important to add that those who succeed quite often don’t feel like getting up early but they do it anyway.They force themselves to be on the go come what may.That’s self-discipline,self-determination,self-respect and self-esteem all in one. As a result,they feel like winners when they know deep in their hearts that they did their best any which way.

Get up and do the thing.Beat that indolence, that sluggishness,that mediocrity and that devil within you. Success forces you to go upward while failure helps you speed downward. You cannot think downward thoughts and hope to accomplish upward things. Please,bear in mind the following Emerson’s wise words, « Do the thing and you’ll have the power. »