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No matter the dire circumstances the oppressed face, there will come a day when they finally awaken and somehow put an end to the injustice that kept them prisoners for a long time. The oppressors wanting to crush the oppressed through any mental and physical ways will always end up being vanquished. Whereas the oppressed who rely on truth and justice and who fight back silently and patiently but also insistently and perseveringly will always end up being the victors. Whatever is dealt out will be dealt back in. Trying to oppress human beings is like trying to oppress the universe itself. It’s a battle that can never be won by the oppressors no matter how long it lasts. How can it be possible to fight against truth, honesty, justice and kindness? How can it be possible to fight against values? How indeed can it be possible to fight against what is intangible and therefore almighty. It’s a battle no sensible human may dare wage. But, those, overtaken by the insidious power to govern over others at all costs, will plunge into it headlong no matter what mayhem they’ll bring upon others and themselves.