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I very much improved my meditation thanks to my beautiful tree. It’s always there in front of my eyes. It seems to say nothing but it says everything. It seems to feel nothing but it feels so much. It seems to see nothing but nothing escapes its divine eyes. I love my beautiful tree. I love its branches and its leaves. And, dear God above, I am certain this tree thinks of me and loves me. Each morning each single branch welcomes me and each single leaf smiles at me. I can hear them…I can hear their subtle and tender song,  »We love and cherish you, human being. You, God and all of us are one. » But, suddenly, a bird lands on the slenderest branch of my beloved tree and began singing, “Hey, hold on! You forgot me. The song should go as follows, ‘the tree, the leaves, I, the beautiful bird, God and you, Sir, are one.’ ”