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I started my meditation session at 6.01 this morning, December 26,2018.It was still dark but dawn was already revealing the night’s almost palpable dew. I stared through my beloved tree and decided to wait for the first bird to appear. But, nothing happened during the first 30′.It was still early and my beloved little friends were probably crouching somewhere in the little cozy places they’ve chosen for the night. They’d fly into my tree in due time, I told myself. I was well into my meditation when a pigeon appeared at last. Then, another pigeon followed by yet another. But, although I didn’t mind pigeons, I actually wanted a bird. At least one, to begin with but none seemed to appear. Suddenly, I noticed a little branch that just moved slightly. I focused on it and saw my first little bird. I didn’t see it fly from anywhere and was somewhat puzzled. Where did it fly from, I asked myself? A mysterious, inner voice answered my question right away,  »The bird spent a most beautiful and peaceful night on that tiny branch, buddy! And, I must add that it knows quite well your morning routine and was actually waiting for you! »