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I think therefore I am. I imagine therefore it can be. I believe therefore it already is. I may be finite but I’m part of the infinite and therefore I’m infinite. A tiny part of an immense whole I may be but am I not the mightier just for realizing this fact? Fragile I may seem but, oh how powerful, I feel when I go within my heart and contemplate its splendor and wonders! They talk about the beyond and its mysteries but am I not part of this unfathomable beyond? Isn’t my breathing the mystery of all mysteries? Isn’t how my heart functions the wonder of all wonders? Isn’t being able to see and appreciate the beauty of a single flower the most miraculous of all miracles? The beyond is already here on earth. It is present though it may seem so far away. It is visible and tangible though it may be invisible and intangible to the human eye. It lives here among us though it is not really here…at least not yet. Maybe tomorrow. Or, maybe, it was here and already gone. I just missed it. I always seem to miss it. Where the heck was I when I should have given it all my attention? But, wait a minute! Isn’t actually being distrait the beyond I’m actually trying to fathom? It’s like being miles away while you’re actually here. Did you ever stop to think how divine and peaceful you feel while being miles away? It’s so smoothing, calming and soothing! That’s the beyond. It’s incredibly powerful, beautiful and generous. The beyond is not over there somewhere. It’s here…right now. It’s I!