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Thomas Carlyle wrote long ago that silence is the element through which things fashion themselves together.How marvellously true that is.As usual,I sat down this morning for my exquisite moment of silence which lasts between 20 to 50 minutes.Nothing to do,listen to,say or write.Just sitting somewhere,mind you!Oh,how refreshing that is when you do it! Freshness, rejuvenation, joy and a certain mind and body tranquility will envelop every part of your being.As I sat there in that alluring silence,it occurred to me that I was some kind of a genius to be able to just do it and allow my inner self to finally express itself. Something even more important happened as it now occurred to me that all human beings are geniuses if they only knew it.You see,the silence is our friend and will help us discover our true,powerful and invincible inner self.I beg you,sit in the silence from time to time and listen to it because it has so much to tell you.That silence is the mighty inner « you » working hard to evolve. And,to make this even clearer,what Steve Jobs once said comes immediately to mind, « Let’s get rid of what’s not essential so that the essential may have a chance to express itself. »together.how