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Thousands of people go through life aimlessly. They do the same things every day, going around and around. They seem to be the prisoners of the same old, boring and suffocating routine, earning just enough to subsist. And, the big problem is that they are happy with their lot and are convinced it’s God’s will. Some of them even hope that, some day, life will reward them with an immense fortune. But life doesn’t function like that. No. Not, at all. It rewards the brave and industrious and punishes the indolent and lazy. There is no difference between an aimless life and a grave. No. Not, at all. Lives would be transformed for the better if some people only knew that they could change their lives by simply changing their thoughts. Miracles would then happen and they would be able to free themselves from the dungeon of poverty and gloom and claim the realm of riches and bliss.