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Where is it?

Where can I find my peace?Is it in pleasure?Pleasure is good for a while but it is ephemeral.Is it in success and riches?They may lend a hand for a few years but they are fickle and uncertain and may even burden me with much anxiety and sorrow.Is it in my loved ones?I should cherish them and provide for them but the time will come when I will be separated from them and I will be left on my own.Is it in solitude?Solitude may help to escape the dire problems of life,the complex dealings with men and the turmoil of the world.But how can I escape from myself,from the incessant internal chatter of my mind and from the anguish of my heart?Only a few simple, down-to-earth things can help me find my peace.And these are righteousness,a pure and generous heart and doing what’s right with no fear,no illusions and no pretensions.