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 Why not live just for today? Why not live just for this present moment? Why not, indeed? Why burden ourselves with yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s uncertainties? I remember having read somewhere, ‘Heaven is accepting today as it is and hell is doing our damndest to change it!’Oh, how true that is! As we plunge deeply into this very instant and as we accept it exactly as it is, we experience without even realizing it the true meaning of life. As we erase yesterday and tomorrow from our thoughts and as we open our hearts and souls to this very instant, we experience even if it’s just for a second the priceless, powerful and illuminating joy of the ‘now’.This is pricesely what the better side of ourselves wants us to have if only we had the sense to set our minds to getting it. And, Frantz Kafka’s words might just help us along that sublime alley, ‘You don’t even have to leave your room. Just sit at your table and listen. You don’t even have to listen .Just wait. You don’t even have to wait. Just sit and within a few minutes the whole Universe will offer itself to you, to be unmasked. It has no choice but roll at your feet in ecstasy.’