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Somebody was knocking at my door the other night and it was past midnight. Who the heck was this I asked myself? All of a sudden I felt a heavy anguish invade my heart. I immediately checked my phone to see if any family member or friend tried to contact me. Nothing. No calls and no messages meaning whoever was knocking might actually be a total stranger. The anguish spread even further within me. I silenced my phone and tiptoed to my front door to make sure it was securely locked. At that precise instant, there was another knock. I did not dare even move lest the intruder would know I was there just behind the door, almost trembling in an atmosphere of expectation. Who the heck was this, I kept asking myself? I stood there, motionless, for a few minutes before I tiptoed back to my bed. Total silence took over the whole scene and I concluded the intruder might have finally left. As I went back to sleep, I asked myself the following question: Why do we always dread what’s behind the door? Is it because we have been manipulated, persecuted or victimized one way or another? Is it because we have been accustomed to always expect the worst in a world where the worst has prevailed for so long? Or, is it simply another of the dark mysteries of our human condition?