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A few years ago, I had to struggle to overcome the hardships that threatened to stifle my very life. As I seemed to have lost control of my reasoning power, my inner voice advised me to accept things as they are and bear them with dignity no matter how excruciating. Thanks God I did. As a result, I learnt that any situation that faces me is the best ever for me at that precise moment. For, otherwise, it wouldn’t be facing me, would it? And, I’ve also learnt that once the difficulty was overcome and sufficient time has elapsed I would discover why that hurdle was placed in front of me. Yes, I would find out that it was there to teach me something valuable and empowering. This indeed is the only way I may grow and become a worthy member of my community and society in general. There is something else I must add: If I were asked if I would agree to go through those hard times again, I would say yes with no hesitation. That’s how I’ve learnt to bear any misfortune without lamenting, grieving or complaining. I’m so grateful! I therefore accept with resolution and faith every situation as it comes since I’m truly convinced that adversity is always my advantage.