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They’ve done nothing wrong but you hate them anyway. They’re solid and imperturbable as rocks. Their strength lies within themselves and they call it self-respect. You humiliate or ridicule them, they give you a surprised look but keep silent. You show them disrespect, they offer you a tolerant but disarming smile. You insult them, they raise their brows as if they can’t believe a smart person like you would stoop so low. You show signs of using violence against them, they simply walk away hoping against hope you’d refrain from such foolishness. You don’t understand why they’re so successful and make things happen while you go in circles and constantly wander what is happening. You hear that they are generous and never hesitate to lend a hand when necessary. But, you hate their guts and you don’t even know why. Well, let me help you see things clearly. You are a mean-spirited, selfish and jealous creature. Maybe, you never knew this and that’s a great excuse to make changes in your life by changing your thoughts right now. On the other hand, maybe you knew this but kept moving in that dark, destructive direction anyway. Then, you have no excuses. You simply wanted to remain low, despicable and unworthy. You need help but alas you may not even be aware of it! As for myself, I hope that one day I’ll have the privilege to be accepted as a member of these humble, clear-sighted and open-minded people. It’s a long way to that haven of peace but struggle, patience, fortitude, perseverance, hope, faith and love among other virtues may help me get there!