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It’s been here all the time but we never paid any attention to it.The abundance,wealth,diversity of all that we needed was here awaiting,awaiting,awaiting.Then,something happened!The mighty power of the internet swept us of our feet and nothing was ever the same again.Yes,agreed! It was mind-blowing,heart-warming and soul-galvanizing.But,as I’ve already mentioned, it was here all the time but we were never AWARE of its existence.It was all in our Subconscious Mind awaiting,awaiting,awaiting.Yes,the mighty power of the internet was already within us but alas we weren’t even conscious of its existence until a few of our human geniuses sprang out of nowhere and opened our eyes.

One day,I am quite certain,you won’t even have to use your cell phone to reach anyone anywhere.You’d be able to do it through your thoughts.It will then be the age of intuition,revelation, inner strength, thought science and Spirit where you’d know without having to know,see without having to see,touch without having to touch and hear without having to hear.But,mind you,it’s always been here awaiting awaiting,awaiting. Surely another of our geniuses will soon grab a hold of it and make it a reality.