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A little bruise leads to a swollen finger which in turn leads to a severe infection. I thought it was nothing but I nearly lost my finger if not the whole hand. Things were going well businesslike and I considered myself special, strong and almost invincible. A little bruise and everything changed within hours. I forgot work achievements and the money that accompanied them. Health, I thought. Health first and foremost. Health before success, recognition and wealth. A little bruise and I suffered my little but excruciating hell. Doubt, fear and anxiety settled in my heart .I couldn’t even wash my hands let alone shave or have a shower. I went to the emergency department, of course. Everyone gasped when they saw my swollen, yellowish finger. Pus was boiling within and threatened to burst out any split second. I was well taken care of, thank God. And, now that the pain has subsided, I feel like coming back from my little hell.