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Are you a « doer » or a slacker? Do you do things or do you idle around? Do you scratch your head, create and innovate or do you simply yawn, wander around and wonder about what other people are doing? Some extraordinary people push themselves to the limits, become their best versions and astonish the world with their various and enriching contributions. They’re the salt of the earth and are admired and loved everywhere. Others believe life is hard on them, let themselves slide into the doldrums and refuse to budge and do something useful with their lives. They lament all day long and repeat to whoever happens to be around, « What’s the use? »The antidote to such a sorry state of affairs is making sure your positive actions supplant your negative thoughts. Get up and do something positive because you are not just what you think…You are what you think and do. If your thoughts are doom and gloom, act immediately and do something useful or at least cheerful. And, the moment you act in such a worthy or joyful way, you’ve won. You are now in total control of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and therefore your character, life and destiny. Do this repeatedly and you’re on your way to attain your potential and become a « doer ».