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Train your mind to accept once and for all that there is a divine presence within you that is guiding and protecting you at all times. Delete all negative thoughts from your mind until you establish for ever that you are one with this spiritual and almighty presence. It is your duty to guard all your thoughts until you experience each single instant of your life as total bliss. Most of all, beware your most insidious and dangerous enemies: doubt and fear. They are disintegrating, evil forces which distort your hopes and dreams and thwart all progress and achievement. Rise above your past troubles and limitations and create a better inner world through concentrating on the positive and beautiful aspects of life. There is no escaping the fact that we always experience outwardly what we go through inwardly.Since whatever is impressed is expressed, the Universe acknowledges you just as you acknowledge it. You are not a human being going through a spiritual experience, you are Spirit going through a human experience.