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When you think that a person is a nuisance,you unconsciously bring yourself down to his negative level.Neither of you wins in such a case.But, when you consider such a person with respect just because he is the way he is, you bring him up to your good level.Both of you would therefore end up as winners.There is something within you that goes bad when you think of something as bad.And,if you carried on considering bad things as bad, you’d worsen and end up totally bad.On the other hand,if you considered the bad as something misplaced that needs improvement,all that is in you would rejoice and move toward the positive.

What is truly a Godsend is that you’d make the negative person feel positive and worthy just because of the respect and consideration you had the good sense to display. And,if you carried on considering bad things as things that can be improved, you’d gradually move up and end up among the worthiest people on earth.Considering something bad as something that can be improved is the quantum leap of creative leadership.As Shakespeare once said, « There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. »