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Every early morning I sit for a relaxing moment. It may last just a couple of minutes or more than an hour. Either way it is sheer bliss, sheer joy, and sheer abandonment. Simply put, I love it so much I can’t get by without it! That’s how my true self starts to reveal itself to me. It’s so tantalizing, strange and elusive! I feel that true self comes and goes as it pleases. I want it to stay with me forever but it doesn’t obey me. It obeys no one and nothing. It’s free and it comes and goes as it desires. Don’t even think of it and there it is. Think of it and there it is not. What to do then? Sit. Just sit there. Nothing else. Just sit there and let yourself go away…anywhere, everywhere but nowhere in particular. Just let yourself go anyhow, anyway but somehow knowing you’ll get ‘there’. But, here is the secret: to get ‘there’ you have to leave ‘here’ without wanting to leave it. The ‘there’ can only be reached without wanting to reach it. In other words, just sit. Yes, just sit and if you can do just that it’s already a feat in itself. In the meantime as you sit you’ll hear certain noises that would take you far away. A bird might for instance sing for you. Just for special you. But, why special me you may ask? Well, it’s because you’re sitting there…doing nothing. That’s the only way you can be special. That’s the only way you and that bird can be one. That’s the only way you, the bird and the Universe can be one. That’s the only way you finally arrive and belong. And, if you are lucky, an occasional breeze may caress your cheeks now and then…so softly, tenderly and lovingly! Just let it envelop you in its heavenly warmth. Think nothing and do nothing. Just let it feed you with its bliss. Don’t even try to understand it or find out its true origin. Simply let it fill your heart and soul with its eternal light. You may even ask this breeze the following question: ‘What is this marvelous feeling? What is this exquisite love enrapturing my heart? What or who are you, beautiful and irresistible feeling?’And, if you can listen with your inner ear, you may hear its answer, ‘I’m the heavenly breeze…giving you a scent of the wonders awaiting you in the wide, blue and exquisite yonder!’