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He said he didn’t have a job and was therefore in need of my assistance. He said life became almost unbearable since he depended on others for basic sustenance. He added that he was educated, instructed and a qualified civil engineer. That guy touched my heart since he seemed so sincere and downtrodden. I did what I could for him the instant he sent me his CV which I immediately forwarded to a friend in a position to at least consider his plea. It was so simple and easy. Just forwarding a CV and a great thing occurred. He was accepted there and then since the friend actually needed a civil engineer. But, what was truly mind-blowing was when I met the job-seeker a few days later. He was full of life and bubbled with enthusiasm as he thanked me profusely. But, what really captured my heart was the grateful, profound and captivating look in his eyes as he smiled and said,  »Thank you. Thank you. I’m so happy. » That look meant a great deal to me. It enriched me so much I wish there was a way I could capture and keep it at hand for ever. I heard it said that whenever you make a man’s heart smile, it’s better than a thousand prayers.