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What day is this?It is not just any simple day,is it?It is « today » and it is mighty powerful,mind you!And,since life is ‘now’,be happy,contented and blissfull. Make the best of « now » because that’s all you really got.Yesterday has gone and tomorrow is not yours yet.Why therefore be anxious about what went wrong yesterday and worried about what troubles tomorrow may bring?Live this day wholeheartedly. Don’t simply go through it but rather try to get anything worthwhile from it.But careful though because today is a big chunk to chew in one go.Why not take it a bite at a time?Why not take care of this instant before you think of the whole day.Even better,why not take care of this second before you think of the whole instant.Seize the power of « now ».That’s all you really got. Breathe in and breathe out.One breath at a time is sufficient.Breathe in and out and say out loud, « Ah,life is beautiful! »