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Fine morning. I woke up at five and started my reading a few minutes later. That’s food for my heart during at least one full blissful hour. Then, I write down my goals as I do every single day. This takes barely ten minutes…ten enriching minutes that is. That’s food for my subconscious mind. A little while later I sit down for my morning meditation which lasts at least fifty minutes. That’s pure serenity and food for my soul. Then, it is time for breakfast which is food for the body during some 15 minutes. Wow, not bad, I tell myself. I put on some relaxing classical music as I get ready for my morning inspirational writing. At that precise instant, a voice springs from within me, « No writing today. Let’s just enjoy another nice, hot espresso. »That’s when my warning bell starts ringing, urging me to hurry toward my computer and start writing. Yes, just start writing anything that crosses my mind. Barely a few seconds later, I prevailed over my brain. Yes, that’s how I always defeat this lazy, unruly and indolent brain of mine. This mischievous little devil doesn’t want me to do anything worthwhile. It just wants me to follow the easy, hollow and barren path. But, hey, I’m not a dummy. I’m spirit and you, my impudent little brain, must do as I wish every single second of the day. I’m watching you, lazy brat, and I’ll never allow you to trick me in any way!