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If you want love, give love. You got to have plenty of it for yourself first. You cannot give what you don’t have. You want to be loved? Fine! Love yourself first. Fill your heart with love. Fill it to overflowing. It is the only way you’ll be loved by others. Like begets like as they say. But, since I did not know this simple law, I never thought of loving myself. In fact, I totally neglected myself and even hated my sorry face at times. I was in the dark side of love and anxiety, resentment and anguish became my constant companions. As a result, I attracted the kind of people who neglected and hated themselves. Like begets like as they kept saying since the dawn of humanity. Let your love beautify every part of your being before you let it beautify the whole world. Let your sunshine warm up every part of your being before you let it warm up the whole world. But, I did not know things worked like that. I, therefore, depended on externals to get what I needed, never realizing it was already within me. I was looking for my treasure out there while it was buried deep in my heart. Wise people call this chasing a will-o’-the-wisp! I ignored my extraordinary inner forces and relied on externals to find love. How utterly ignorant I was! But, I didn’t know that and I became a kind of Byronic hero running from here to there seeking true love but never being able to find it. The universal law was unknown to me. I never realized there was no way on earth I could get from others what was already in my heart… waiting for me to awaken and claim it. But, Heaven knows, I didn’t know what I didn’t know!