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Whatever happens, I’ll never say « yes » so easily again. Wherever I am, I’ll never show that kind of weakness again. Whatever I’m doing, I’ll never let myself slide into that kind of negative situation again .Never again shall I say “yes” to those unworthy desires. Never again will I indulge myself in that kind of lazy, indolent and ineffectual manner. I’ll say “no” to that which seems seductive right now in order to gain what will matter later on. I’ll say “no” to what seems good this instant in order to say “yes” to the best later on. The wise have always maintained that the strongest form of resistance is being able to say “no” to oneself. If you’re not careful, the slightest faux-pas will have a negative effect on your psyche…The slightest neglect will start your descent toward indulgence, indigence and wastefulness.