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Certainty is most likely my enemy. Whenever I lay hold of it, it dies in my own hands. It’s in my possession yet it is not since it instantly becomes the past which is nothing but dead. What use can I therefore make of it? Uncertainty, on the other hand, is most likely my ally since it’s full of opportunities. But I got to chase it with no respite and no hope of ever catching it. It gives me the shivers but it also promises the wonders of the unknown. I love it. It’s always dancing in front of my eyes…ever so elusive, so alive and so promising. I don’t want certainty since it means satisfaction, contentment, comfort, inaction, indolence and therefore almost death. I want uncertainty which means tomorrow with its surprises, its spontaneity, its bewilderment and its wonderment. And, even though it may hurt me from time to time I still want it! Though the softer part of a rose may be pleasing to the senses, I’d also want its thorns to prick my fingers now and then!