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One part of me wants to compete, fight and be the best in everything and everywhere. The other part wants to reflect, help others, do one’s best to live a worthy life and build character. The first one is flimsy, fickle and silly since it doesn’t lead really lead to where my heart’s cherished destination, .I do my utmost to control and even suppress it at times. It sends me running ‘breathlessly’ hither and thither in a senseless quest to acquire more material, position and prestige. I’m so tired of this race that leads nowhere…except perhaps more futile accoutrements and adornments. The second one is satisfying,enriching and soothing. It fills me with inner contentment, peace and radiance. It’s a race with myself to become better and better through being kind, considerate and helpful towards others. It’s the sweetest race that helps build character, serenity and love…the only things money can never buy.