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Betrayal, The Dark Side of Love

1.000 DA

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Beauty is rich and generous.It’s everywhere you look, everywhere you go.A smile here, a happy child there.A breeze here, a flower there. A bird’s twittering here, a blue sky there.Dear friend,life is here,there,everywhere…so tranquil,mysterious and beautiful!Beloved friend,beauty is here,there,everywhere…so enchanting,abundant and bewitching!
Sit somewhere and let mother nature hug and pervade every part of you.Take a deep breath and look around you.Enjoy the present moment.Heed every single little thing and life will be yours with its extraordinary treasures.
Take your time and go within.Life is also there…so rich and appealing! Go within and find your fountain of bliss.And, if you dug a little it’ll bubble up.You’d know then that a good fortune is a good disposition of the soul, emotions, good actions, an exquisite inner peace…and,if you’re among the luckiest, LOVE,the best gift life can offer.