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Seeds of Sucess

Follow these seeds...and success is yours!

This book will give you the keys to success, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. Its advice and insights are inspiring and life-changing. You have at your disposal tools that can be used during your journey toward your spiritual awakening, your personal development and therefore success and riches.These highly enriching seeds will help you discover your inner strenght and show you the way to a purposeful and rewarding life.They will also show you why it is important to be YOURSELF in order to discover your UNIQUE talent and potential.

Seed 01

As there is no happiness when we try to acquire it directly, there is no greatness when we seek it directly. Both are the result of serving others. They do not depend on intellect, logic, reason or even talent. They depend on who you are and what dwells in your heart!

What i know for sure…
Those that forget themselves and stake their lives on helping others are truly great though they don’t even know it. They would say nothing but simply blush upon being told about their greatness!

Seed 02

The more you limit yourself the more fertile you become in your imagination. The principle of limitation is the most important saving principle in the world.

The last bit…
The secret of success is to move out of your comfort zone with no guarantee of success.

Seed 03

The essentials!
There are two things that can help you find joy and peace of mind. The first is never to worry about what you cannot control and the second is never to worry about what you can control.

No doubt…
If we forgot ourselves for an instant we may at least have an idea about the wonders of our beautiful world!

Seed 04
The miracle!
Be a miracle by simply thinking of others instead of yourself. Be a miracle by considering everything from the others’ point of view as well as yours. Be a miracle by wishing well to all as well as to yourself. Be a miracle by showing respect and consideration to all as well as to yourself. Be a miracle by listening with your heart to the humblest of the humble… you would then discover the secret that has always lain dormant within you.
Let’s do it…
We have met for a moment to share, help and love. It is a precious moment but it is so ephemeral! Why, oh why, don’t we treasure it then?