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If you killed someone, people would be fearful of you. If you were a thief, people would not deal with you. If you were a liar, people would have no confidence in you. But, most of all, if you were a slanderer, you’d be considered as dangerous as a python. Nothing is more dangerous than the crimes of the tongue. They cause much heartache, pain and suffering. Who is secure from the horrendous and vicious tongue of an enemy? Who is free from the careless tongue of a supposed friend? Who is free from the murderous tongue of envy, jealousy and malice? No matter what great success one would have achieved in life, one could rarely be free from the venom of hypocrisy,falsehood and slyness.The sad truth is that where there is smoke, there must be fire. Yet, we must bear in mind that the fire is often started by envy,jealousy and malice.