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There is something in each of us that is a redoubtable fighter. There is something in each of us that grows vigorously in face of obstacles and hardship. There is something in each of us that is so powerful, so rich, so beautiful and so divine!It takes charge of our destiny when we are faced with insurmountable difficulties. It is so mysterious, so hard to define and yet so helpful in dire, suffocating times! We love and cherish it. It is ours. Some call it the ‘power of reserve’, others the ‘second wind’ and some others ‘the hidden mental resources’. Yet, the wisest call it God in all of us.

We need to engage in new paths to get a glimpse of it. We need to explore the unexplored to hope to meet it. We need to face unusual difficulties to awaken it. In short, we need to exert ourselves to the utmost to reach our inner and almighty mental resources. We need to visit the inner recesses of heart and soul while we struggle in face of excruciating, sometimes even deadly events to finally meet with it.Ah, if we only knew that the way is ever-present for the brave and faithful man…for the determined and persistent soul.