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There is that « something » between you and the woman of your dreams that is hard for you to grasp.You are sitting somewhere with her and you’re wondering what your heart is trying to tell you.There is something confusing in the air and you don’t really know what to make of it.All you know is that you like what is happening without even knowing why and wouldn’t mind if it went on for ever.You think nothing,you say nothing and do nothing but you feel everything.You feel here yet there, nowhere yet everywhere, satisfied yet unsatisfied,clear-headed yet weird,complete yet incomplete.

It’s as if you were full of something voraciously powerful and you needed to explode before it consumed you.You have no idea what that feeling is but you just pray it’ll last for ever.You’re trying hard to think of something interesting to say but nothing pops up.You just look away almost ashamed of yourself and suddenly your eyes meet hers just like that.The two of you are thrilled by that sudden and delicious encounter and you both linger there forever. There is no way on earth any of you would let go of that magic even if your lives were at risk. And,then,there is another powerful little « something » within you that wants you to reach out and hold her hand. But somehow you resist that sweet temptation with all your might. You become almost frigid and don’t even dare move a finger lest you’d offend her.That,my friend,is what we, blessed human beings,call love!