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You start an enterprise and everything seems to move smoothly at first.You’re all excited about your new venture and you’re quite certain it’ll be a huge success.Then,after a while,things begin to slow down as various obstacles appear.You don’t feel so sure of yourself any longer.Doubt and fear show their dark,ominous tails.Quitting enters your mind for a moment and it’s quite tempting considering your low spirits and the seeming hardship that looms ahead.Well,whatever you do,think before you quit.The way you feel during those threatening moments and the temptation to quit are normal.In fact,they may be an excellent sign that things will get much better if you just persisted long enough.You’re in the dip as Seth Godin would put it.And,if you decided to tough it out a while longer, it would pay its dividends in due time.After all,the darkest instant of night is always followed by dawn!