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There is something that is so simple and yet so valuable. Something that has the power to lead human beings toward joy, strength and plenty. Unfortunately, the majority of people ignore it either through sheer indolence or through downright ignorance. It is as clear as daylight that focusing on success brings success and focusing on failure brings failure.

So, why does the majority keep focusing on past mistakes and failures instead of victories and successes? God only knows why! The fact is simple nonetheless…Focus on your failures and you’ll beget more of them and focus on your victories and you’ll beget more of them. The vast majority will ignore this advice even if you repeated it a million times. But, why? Well, I have no idea. Maybe because they believe success and wealth are not for them but failure and poverty are. You couldn’t change their minds even if you went on your knees. They just love wallowing in self-pity and doom. “Riches, success, joy and well-being? What are you talking about, sir? That’s not for ordinary people like us. We are not supposed to be rich. God never thought of us that way. Oh, no, my dear sir. It is our divine lot to be poor and lowly.”Hard to believe, you may think.But some people are like that and they’d stick to their beliefs come what may.