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You,as a human being,are extremely powerful.You simply have no idea how immense your power is!Let’s for instance suppose you’re in the doldrums right now.Is there any way you can remediate this sorry state of affairs?Yes, there is a way and it is quite simple.You’re in the doldrums because you are entertaining anguishing,negative and defeating thoughts.Get rid of them right now and replace them by invigorating,positive and winning thoughts.You’ll instantly feel better.Much better,as a matter of fact.If this doesn’t work,listen to your favorite music and dance.And,if this won’t work,run naked in the middle of a huge,green field.Just make sure there is no one watching when you perform this amazing feat.But,on second thoughts,I advise you to do it even if you’re being watched.People will certainly be surprised at first but will end up roaring with laughter.So what?This may also help you get rid of that horrible darkness that settled in your heart.Fight any which way but resolutely refuse to be the devil’s hostage.That’s just one part of your stupendous power,beloved human being.