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I just woke up and it’s past midnight.I usually go to bed at 22.30 and wake-up the following morning at 5.30.It‘s a good routine established through good habits and I’m proud of it.But sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.What to do then?Sleep says no more. Food is of no interest at such hour.TV,not a chance since I very rarely watch it anyway.So what then?What to do?I got systems at hand for such unseemly occasions,thanks God.One of them is meditation,i.e., I just sit somewhere in the dark and follow my breathing for a while.This could last up to an hour or more.It‘s not bad at all and it helps me go back to bed in a jiffy.Another of my systems is pick up pen and paper and wait for ideas.This generate good material for my seminars and books.It could sometimes last for two or more hours and is quite satisfying,pacifying and enriching.I then feel quite tired and go easily back to sleep.