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Yesterday you were just a tiny baby whose heavenly eyes dominated and beautified my life. Years flew by without even my noticing them.
As a result,you flowered so wholly I see no difference between you and the best of angels. You’re a young man now and I’m so proud of you! Your smile is the sun that warms my heart and feeds my life with bliss.You’re the salt of my earth,son. The whole universe in spite of its wonders is nothing without you. You’ve grown and flowered so beautifully, so radiantly and so brilliantly. I love you, my dearest, my rarest star, my flesh and blood. I shall never forget what you told me when you were just six years old. You looked straight into my eyes and said,  »I can see God in your eyes, dad. But, as you know, God is in all of us and that’s the reason why we should all help and love each other. »