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This morning, February the 20th, 2019, one of my students who is a director at Soficlef , a prestigious Algerian enterprise, called me with some great news. He said Soficlef which manufactures all sorts of high quality doors and locks besides many other interesting products has decided to offer me the front door of my new apartment in Algiers. Wow, isn’t life beautiful?  All this simply because I refused payment for the conference I gave at the inauguration of the 21st anniversary of their company. They were so kind then and gave me such a hearty welcome it would have been indecent to accept payment for my conference. Aren’t people great? How can you not have a marvelous day which such a start? That’s what happens when you show kindness to other people. That’s what happens when you cast your bread in the water. That’s what happens when you understand that happiness does not reside in receiving but in giving. I heard it said long ago that if one wants to go to heaven one must take it with oneself!