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Truth and kindness are probably the best qualities one can possess. Truth because the truer you are to yourself, the truer you’ll be to all others. It is essential for one’s character and reputation. Kindness because the more you understand and help others, the more you understand and help yourself. It is essential for one’s inner balance and well-being. Showing kindness to other human beings is the easiest thing to do and reaps huge long-term rewards. Sometimes all one needs is a sincere smile and a disposition and willingness to listen with one’s heart when others seek one’s advice or encouragement. Yet, how many of us refrain from doing such easy but enriching things? How many of us have neither the time nor the desire to smile or lend a hand…or ear to whoever is in need of our attention and help? Being truthful is equally highly rewarding. Just acknowledging and saying the truth is equal to creating one’s heaven down here on earth. It is clear that when one says the truth even if detrimental to one’s own interests one has already found the path that leads to that inner peace no earthly treasures can buy. The truth creates something light, rich and agreeable within our hearts…something like the sigh of a mother whose estranged child finally shows up. The truth enriches and enlightens he who has the courage to stand by it even if threatened by danger or even death. Truth never dies. And, equally, he whose heart is true never actually dies.